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Insects in Resin

Blue Bottle Butterfly in Resin

Blue Bottle Butterfly in Resin

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USFWS approved! Sustainably sourced.

The Common Blue Bottle (Graphium Sarpedon) or sometimes called the Blue Triangle, is a member of the swallowtail family. It is commonly found in South and Southeast Asia. It mainly lives in humid, low-level rain forests where it can be seen flying just above the tree canopy.

In Australia they are often seen in urban gardens due to their adaption to a drier subtropical environment. The larvae typically feed on cinnamon trees and are often found in cinnamon tree plantations.

This real butterfly is preserved in a crystal clear lucite block, making every detail visible from all angles. This specimen is a great educational piece or makes for a beautiful scientific display.

As with all real butterflies in resin, size, coloration and positioning can vary slightly. Lucite block measures approximately 3 inches square.

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